A Blend of Legacies

A Blend of Legacies
Tomatin, a renowned distillery in the picturesque Highlands of Scotland, has recently unveiled its latest offering, the Italian Collection. This enticing collection comprises three distinct expressions: Marsala, Amarone, and Barolo. The journey of these exceptional whiskies began in 2010 when they were initially aged in traditional oak casks. However, what sets them apart is their subsequent two-year finishing period in carefully selected wine casks from Italy. These final two years of maturation infused them with the distinctive characteristics that pay homage to Italy's acclaimed wine regions.
The Marsala edition of this collection boasts enticing aromas reminiscent of panettone and candied lime. Upon tasting, it delights the palate with notes of white chocolate, lemon truffles, and hazelnuts, culminating in a sweet citrusy finish beautifully balanced with toasted oak.
Moving on to the Amarone edition, it greets the senses with a captivating bouquet of poached pears and the nostalgic sweetness of rhubarb and custard sweets. A sip of this whisky reveals various flavours, including strawberry jam, Turkish delight, and a delicate buttery pastry, concluding with a rich interplay of cinnamon and apple.
Lastly, the Barolo edition entices with the enticing scents of mulled wine and dark chocolate. It unfolds layers of spiced mead and citrus on the palate, complemented by sugared almonds, all gracefully culminating in a satisfying light tannin finish.
This collection is not merely about exceptional whisky; it celebrates Scottish heritage and Italy's storied wine history, spanning over 4,000 years. Such a blend of legacies resonates perfectly with Tomatin's core values, where honouring tradition and heritage is paramount.

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