Behind the Bottle: The Lakes Distillery

The Lakes Distillery - Whisky

Nestled on the bank of the River Derwent among the breathtaking valleys and fells of the Lake District, The Lakes Distillery is a design-led whisky maker that looks at not only what whisky is, but what it can become.

The first English distillery to win the coveted title “World’s Best Single Malt Whisky” at the World Whiskies Awards, it is their modern approach to whisky making that pushes boundaries and challenges traditional conventions.

Placing flavour creation at the heart of everything they do, efficiency is sacrificed in return for an indulgent spirit that delivers rich layers of flavour and complexity.

The Lakes Distillery: Whiskymaker's Reserve Series

The allure of the Whiskymaker's Reserve Series

As The Lakes’ first widely-available single malt, The Whiskymaker’s Reserve is the exploration of different styles, characters, and nuances in a journey to make the most flavoursome whisky possible.

A collection of seven exquisite wood-forward, sherry-led and flavour-packed single malts, the knowledge gained from each release in the series will help to define a signature style for The Lakes Single Malt. 

The best way to imagine The Whiskymaker’s Reserve is like a series of family members; each sharing the same DNA but with their own unique personalities. All seven of the whiskies enjoy the influence of maturation in a combination of casks made from American, French and Spanish Oak, seasoned with Oloroso and PX sherry wines.  

The Art of Elevage

Whilst a combination of sherry casks provides the foundation, the proactive use of élevage sees other casks, including ex-Bourbon barrels, red wine barriques, Port pipes, and a variety of additional sherry-wine seasoned casks, used to influence flavour throughout the spirit’s journey. 

A painstaking and meticulous technique, it is the art of élevage that allows The Lakes to design the complex layers of flavour associated with their single malt, including the rich dark fruit and gentle spice characters, toffee and caramel flavours, and a distinctive indulgent finish.

Inspired to try their whisky? View our full Lakes Distillery Range here

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