Craigellachie 37 Year Old Whisky, Wins Gold!

Craigellachie 37 Year Old Whisky, Wins Gold!

Craigellachie Takes Home Gold

The Craigellachie distillery company have won gold at the 2024 International Whisky Competition.

The Craigellachie 37 year old single malt scotch whisky took first place in this years competition for 'best single malt scotch over 25 years old'. It's a non-chill filtered, naturally coloured single malt, matured in refill oak casks and then finished in first fill ex-bourbon casks to give it sweet aromas and flavours of vanilla, coconut with a hint of spice.

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About Craigellachie

The Craigellachie distillery is a single malt Scotch whisky distillery in Aberlour, Banffshire near the village of Craigellachie at the centre of the Speyside whisky producing area of Scotland. The name Craigellachie means 'rocky hill' and refers to the cliff that overlooks the Spey across from The Macallan distillery. The distillery was founded in 1891.

Pronunciation : "craig-ella-key"

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