Nc'nean Distillery: Crafting Whisky with Purpose

Nc'nean Distillery: Crafting Whisky with Purpose
Captivated by the allure of whisky, Annabel Thomas bid farewell to the hustle of London and embraced a new chapter on the serene west coast of Scotland. Her venture led her to co-found and manage Nc’nean Distillery, driven by a profound mission – to redefine global perceptions of our most cherished export, whisky.
The distillery bears the name Nc’nean, inspired by Neachneohain, an ancient Gaelic goddess hailed as the Queen of spirits and a fierce guardian of nature. This name is not just symbolic; it perfectly aligns with the distillery's purposeful ethos. Nc’nean Distillery operates in seamless harmony with the environment, powered entirely by renewable energy and boasting a remarkable 99.97% waste recycling rate.
Even the bottles echo this commitment to sustainability, crafted from 100% recycled clear glass and adorned with thoughtfully designed packaging made primarily from recycled cardboard. Nc’nean is a testament to the fusion of tradition, innovation, and a deep-rooted reverence for the Earth. 
Nc'nean Quiet Rebels is a collection of whiskies that serves as a testament to the team driving the essence of the distillery.
The spotlight of the third release in this distinctive series shines on Gordon, the dedicated distillery manager at Nc'nean. In crafting this exceptional expression, Gordon has skillfully chosen a blend of casks, including STR red wine, ex-sherry, and ex-Rivesaltes. The result is a luscious and creamy dram, boasting a velvety richness that pays homage to the artistry and passion inherent in every drop from Nc'nean.

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