Is Irish whiskey stronger than bourbon?

Is Irish whiskey stronger than bourbon?

The strength of whiskey, whether Irish or bourbon, is primarily determined by its alcohol by volume (ABV) content. Generally, both Irish whiskey and bourbon fall within a similar range of ABV, which is typically 40% to 50%, although some may have a higher alcohol content.

The perception of strength can also be influenced by factors such as flavour profile/ tasting notes, sweetness and the overall drinking experience - such as adding ice, drinking neat or mixing. Irish whiskey is known for its smooth and often lighter character driven by it's triple filtered process, while bourbon tends to have a deeper, sweeter flavour profile due to the use of new charred oak barrels in aging.

In summary, the strength of Irish whiskey and bourbon is not significantly different when comparing their ABV, but other factors may contribute to the perceived strength of the two types of whiskey. It's essential to check the label for the specific ABV of each individual bottle to get an accurate measure of alcohol content.

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