Beach Bum Rum


70cl / 40%

The taste of Mauritius in a bottle!  On the nose, aromas of fresh young coconuts and fragrant vanilla are prominent with hints of banana leaf in the background. This rum slips onto the tongue with flavours of sugarcane and fresh cut grass on a summer’s day. The finish is smooth and luscious.

Beach Bum Rum Silver is best enjoyed as a mixer in cocktails, our personal favorite being the classic Daquiri. The liquid is versatile and is perfect for mixology.

Beach Bum Rum has been featured in The Spirit Business top 10 new brands for January 2021.

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Distillery StatusOperational


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If you belong to the league of the collared-and-tied-to-their-desks and are scrambling up the corporate ladder while staring wistfully at the idyllic island on your desktop wallpaper – we get you. We know the rat race is a hamster wheel of same thing, different day, round and round the clock. The air-conditioned air is stifling. Everything’s beige. You long to feel the sand beneath your feet as you shuffle along the office hallways. And the sun is long gone by the time you make your nightly exit. You need a drink. You need a holiday.

We know. So we made Beach Bum Rum – your escape from the daily grind infused with the spirit and flavours of Mauritius. Lose the tie, put your feet up and live the island.