Outlaw Rum

Founders' Release (Islay Pinot Noir Cask)

70cl / 50.5%

The first in the Founders' Release series from Outlaw Rum. Bottled at cask strength after being finished in Islay Pinot Noir Casks.

Limited to just 800 bottles. Specialist maturation is what gives this very exclusive Rum its deep flavour and bold, rich character. The Islay cask maturation add complexity, very rich fruity notes, with hints of smooth smokiness mellowing into the rich body of the dram .

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Distillery StatusOperational

Bottles Produced800


Delivery Weight2.0 kg



The Outlaw Rum Co. launched its first products in November 2020 - born in Trinidad.  Aged in Scotland.

The Outlaw Rum Co. takes the finest aged Rum straight from the islands of the Caribbean and transport it over swell and through storm to the heart of Scottish Whisky country where the spirit is left to mature to perfection in the bourbon and whisky casks of Scotland’s finest single malts.

This unique maturation process is what gives Outlaw Rum it's complex flavour and rich character. The Spirit is born of the age old Caribbean Rum making tradition and then steeped in the heritage and renown of the Scottish Whisky Trade.

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